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Silverstein - Where Are You Rock Sound

Taken from Silverstein's new album, A Beautiful Place To Drown, out now:

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I had that dream again
It scared me half to death
I guess I’m not over it
Feels like a heart attack
Could this breath be my last?
Is this how it ends?

But if I make my head stop spinning will my heart stop too?
Lost myself trying to hold on to you

Where are you tonight?

Where are you tonight?
I can’t get you out of my mind
Where are you tonight?
‘Cause I still feel like I could flat line
Where are you tonight?

And if I set the scene
Inside a memory
I feel you breathing
But I’m a masochist
Hit me like a thousand bricks
That you’re out, and I’m down, and I’m wondering

Have I seen you for the last time?
Am I moving with the low tide?
Am I shadow in your headlights?
Or am I lying in an outline?
Am I a shadow in your headlights?

Where are you tonight?‘Cause every second is a lifetime


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