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애드센스 사이드바2

반응 링크-1

통계 위젯 (화이트)


Underoath - In Motion Rock Sound

I shoulda’ died about a thousand times or maybe more
Don’t remember any lives that ever came before
In my head I’m more dead than alive
It’s a shame you won’t understand
Gonna let the rain come down on me and wash away
Gonna give away my innocence, my sympathy
In the moment I’m lost and I did it myself
There’s no one to blame

You can’t save my life
These events are already in motion
So don’t waste my time
You keep talking me back off the ledge
Your words unheard
Dragging me down once again
When I’m living a lie
When I’m shut down inside
When I’m chasing a high

I am still alive but I am just an empty shell
I give myself away to this lonely hollow hell
In my head I’m afraid that I can’t trust myself
You won’t understand

All hope is lost

There is no fix


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