애드센스 사이드바2

반응 링크-1

통계 위젯 (화이트)


Siamese Fighting Fish - Party like Charlie Sheen Rock Sound

Can we go out there 
This is for the bold 
We'd have to leave it all 
The sudden death is a 
Side effect we love 
Do you believe me now
made of something gold 
Made with no control 
poetic freaks Of "generation lost".
We are dreamers 
eccentric in our hearts 
Our deception of you is wrong 
But our deception feels so right 
like the chase for the rainbows 
Like the things that are unexplored 
We are growing but never older.
Can we go out there 
The places we are meant for 
To leave it all behind 
Hey Sudden death that something 
that you want 
it wont be tonight
there is no world like ours 
A place where souls fly


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