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PUP - Scorpion Hill (Audio) Rock Sound

Up on Scorpion Hill watching life
Passing me by in the pale moonlight
And I sat there forever, three sheets to the wind
It’s not helping my case, the state that I’m in
But it’s not how they told you
My intentions were good
I was just bursting apart like the end of the ark
Holding on to whatever I could

A square of light moves its way through the empty room
Across the stained yellow carpet
Like a ghost of myself in the afternoon
Haunting my basement apartment
I looked in to the mirror
Hanging behind my door
The glass was cracked and the man staring back
He don’t look like me anymore
And if the world is gonna burn
Everyone should get a turn to light it up

Down and out, I’ve been on the rocks
I’ve been having some pretty dark thoughts
Yeah, I like them a lot

Time and time again, I’ve tried and failed
To get my act together
And I’ll admit lately things really went off the rails
I know that you deserve better
But in the morning, as I was boarding
The commuter train to work
The boss was calling, he said: “There’s been cutbacks and
I’m sorry you’re the first”
And If I can’t support the two of us
How can I support a third?

Down and Out, I’ve been on the rocks
I’ve been having some pretty dark thoughts

And I’m on the brink
Fallin’ deep into debt
Fallin’ deep into drink
I can drown those regrets
I don’t have to think

Now I’m working the night shift
Asleep at the wheel
I was bursting apart like a flame from a spark
Thinkin ‘Jesus, this can’t be for real’

My sweat soaked mattress
Corner of the room
Cigarettes and Matches
In the fading afternoon
And a picture my kid, ya he’s smiling
It’s the first day of school

She said: I found the gun buried beneath
Piles of clothes in the room where your son sleeps
And I can’t pretend, to know how this will end.


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